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Aeroil duel
Aeroil the Swashbuckler: Fiend! thou shalt be vanquished this day and never again trouble the world of the living.
Aeroil the Pirate: Arr, ye scurvy dog, I aint gonna be beaten by no scum like you. Yarr!
Aeroil the Swashbuckler: Enough! Have at thee!
*swordplay ensues*
Aeroil the Swashbuckler: Anon! thou be as good with a blade as thou art smelly, swine!!
Aeroil the Pirate: Yarr, the funny-talker knows how to fight, but I still will be runnin ye through!
Aeroil the Swashbuckler: Never! my words are in my sword, thou more dire villain, than words can give thee out!
Aeroil the Pirate: Yarrr!!!!
*more swordplay ensues, and Aeroil the Swashbucker disarms Aeroil the Pirate, pressing his sword to the Pirate's chest*
Aeroil the Swashbuckler: Enough! surrender, and face thine judgement.
Aeroil the Pirate: grrr, never matey, I won't go to the gallows I won't
Aeroil the Swashbuckler: Then thou has sealed thine fate.
*Aeroil the Pirate qu
:iconaeroil-taelroca:Aeroil-Taelroca 0 4
Marvel at the colours of my little world here
for to create it I had to be quite the seer
Made by creation, meld, and borrow
You really can't see it? such a sorrow!
Why would I look at your ghastly world?
When I saw the terrible thing my lips rightly curled
The hues all wrong, the contrast very askew
I am very glad that similar worlds are so few
Of course my world is better, what a foolish query
trying to understand yours just makes me weary
You are a fool to not see this, and rude as well
Leave me be, and do not make me yell
What is that you say? leave you be?
And why does your world threaten me?
Aeroil Taelroca
:iconaeroil-taelroca:Aeroil-Taelroca 0 2
Everybody knows the silly little word
Many times we've said it, many times we've heard
It is sometimes on, sometimes off,
and Divinity forbid that we should scoff
Yet if you were to ask
To pin its nature is no small task
For this word does everything you see,
People receive it, objects, and even me
Can you read it on a light?
Or must there be a graph in sight?
Can it come on its own?
Given? Stolen? Taken in loan?
Will it come automatically?
Or does it just depend on you or me.
:iconaeroil-taelroca:Aeroil-Taelroca 0 2
"It is time, Sannies"
"What do you mean,'time', I'm not due for my test"
Knocking resounds through the room.
"Come in," I call, switching off my monitor, the writing I was previously working on disappearing into blackness.  I send a psionic flicker towards the door at the same time, knocking the latch open.
A red eye peeks through the door, a natural air of timidity about it.  One of my newly arrived students, no doubt, there are usually two or three in a pod of about thirty Draconiods that want to meet with their instructor ahead of time.
"Hello... umm."  The fledgeling enters, sliding through the door and barely opening it at all.
"Warrior Acorleat," I answer for him.
"Warrior Acorleat... umm, I'm Kheolane, I'm going to be in your class."
"Honestly, Kheolane, I'm a much better fighter than a teacher, there's hardly a need to be nervous."
Of course, it's not that my poor teaching skills would ever be made common knowledge, the very idea of a veteran like
:iconaeroil-taelroca:Aeroil-Taelroca 0 0
Seeds of Chaos, Chapter 1
Chapter 1
Fear, with a portion of hatred in the mix.  The familiar phrase ran through Rebeccah's head, the well-thought out answer to the question that kept up its assault on her mind.
How could people do this to each other?
The school's walls had been burned out in several places, and the roof had collapsed.  In some places the destructive forces had been so powerful as to leave the charred edges still smoking even now, several hours later.  In one place, a powerful wave of chilled air had caused the concrete wall to shatter like glass under its own weight.
The fact that the Answerers were behind the attack was evident from the scattered forms outside the School's destroyed walls wearing the blazing eye of the Answerers, the Eye of the Omniscient, as it was so called.  There weren't many, which also evidenced that it had been a sneak attack, the kind that the Answerers were known for.  Known and feared, and also hated for.
Enough, it w
:iconaeroil-taelroca:Aeroil-Taelroca 0 2
Curse you, little Shadow, curse you good.
Why must you hide yourself from me,
Concealing all the secrets that I wish I understood
Out of my vision, hidden as can be.
Perhaps this is your identity, that's what I've been told
I can clearly see now how all your dice do tumble.
This man informed me truly, for he's very old
Now I know how to make order from your jumble.
This young man says he's watched you closely
Claiming that from looking he can tell me what you do.
He says it's really nothing much that makes you ghostly,
But it's false! He doesn't know you through and through.
And I still know the truth
Even though I'm not a sleuth.
:iconaeroil-taelroca:Aeroil-Taelroca 0 2
The Carver
The Carver
Poor little Carver, captured by the herders
Harnessed 'bove the boiling water
Watching them threaten to shove that girder
With their wicked and mighty haughter
Poor little Carver, frightened of all those nasty bumble bees
Buzzing and a droning just on cue
So they don't know who to go after like those zombies,
making him change his colours till he's right on hue
Poor little Carver, far from home
Thrown by chance into a nasty pit
he's there carving against drone after drone
oh how he wishes he had that emergency kit!
Poor little Carver,
it aint getting less harder.
:iconaeroil-taelroca:Aeroil-Taelroca 0 0
Tick tock, tick tock, goes the insanity clock
It puts him into a worker boot
and puts her into a worker frock
and to it they both salute!
Tick tock, tick tock, goes the madness clock
It makes him think hes always right
and makes her learn how to make him talk
and never they change in the slight!
Tick tock, tick tock, goes the lunacy clock.
Telling both that happiness is how many birds they own
to take what they will, otherwise is a crock!
Swarm all they will, they remain all alone.
Tick tock tick tock
goes the hypnosis clock.
:iconaeroil-taelroca:Aeroil-Taelroca 0 2


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Okay, just because it's been a while.

I have been quite busy with work lately, granted not *that* busy but its thrown off my rhythm and I've barely gotten any work done on Seeds of Chaos.
Any-way, Monday, I will start to get some more writing done, but more importantly! I will start to move the SoC chapters out of the scrapbook, I'll get a spellchecker and do a brief edit of some chapters.
I'll try not to waste too much time moving these chapters into my deviations gallery as opposed to actually writing, but we-shall-see.

Oh, also, I got an entire 100 pageviews, wee!

Now, I need to do that 120 more times and I'll beat you, dark0goddess!!



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Ick, weekend things screwing up my writing, look for chapter 3 tomorrow, I'll work on it then, I promise
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Thanks for the welcome! I shall try to contribute what I can to dA.
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