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I was at a fencing tournament yesterday, I won second place behind the coach of the Vernon fencing club, who is an amazing fencer, I was glad to get a single point on him.
I'm off to it at the university tomorrow, yay!
Should be lotsa fun, I submitted Shadows and Clockwork, and also a short prose "Acorleat."  I guess I'll submit Acorleat to dA here too, it's complete so I can pass it off as a deviation, heh.
The Premise for the book! this is the sort of thing that may be written on the back

Forty years ago, a mysterious catalyst planted Seeds of Chaos in human society.  Now, the terrible harvest of those seeds, Humans who can call lighting to their fingertips, hurl masses of fire, and even some who can wield even stranger and more powerful incarnations of these mysterious forces, walk The Earth.  When the world is nearly ended by a frightened government, and only cast into darkness by wht many call luck, or by what many more would call divine intervention, Humanity is far from saved.  Not content to rebuild, groups of the people who nearly destroyed the world, who would later proudly call themselves Magi, begin fighting amongst themselves, unaware that the currents that have carried humanity this far are once again strengthening, and may threaten to pull them into something even more beyond their power.
I'm posting my new book on dA, I'm going to be doing a ~ 2500 word chapter every two days.  It will take about a month for the first draft, at that rate, I think. First two chapters are out, in the scrapbook, since I don't wanna submit something with spelling errors into my deviations.
My spellchecker is broken :(